Deb is a pleasure to interact with. Her personable quality and thorough expertise in tax preparation makes this oft-dreaded annual task actually enjoyable. Deb really knows how to maximize her clients returns, with an eye to both short and long term goals. She cares enough about her clients results to direct them when needed to other skilled professionals that can best serve each client. I would highly recommend Deb to anyone.

Chris R., Hartford, CT

As the 2013 tax filing deadline comes closer and closer, I immediately think of Deb Prior and her expertise with tax regulations and tax planning strategy. It's never too early, or too late, to meet with Deb and discuss your options. Her knowledge and experience places her at the top of the list; add her integrity, her desire for the best customer service and superlative work ethic and you need look no further for your tax preparer.

Kat A., Vernon Rockville, CT

[Deb] is a tax professional who stays up to date on the latest information to keep your profits up and your tax liabilities down. With many years of experience, she is extremely accurate and passionate about helping her clients in whatever capacity she can.

Diane B., Hartford, CT

First of all, Deb is concerned about her clients. It's more than customer service. Her entire organization is focused on helping her clients grow their business and she goes the extra mile until she thoroughly understands the needs and then works tirelessly until her customers understand their finances. Deb is a rare combination of tax expertise for small business, financial planning and customer service. Deb met with me four times, brought in small business accounting experts (on her own dollar!) to thoroughly understand my business and ensure that the reports I receive are meeting my needs. She checks back to make sure that I understand the numbers and how they represent the health of my company. Deb values her relationships with her customers as people - not just as her clients. I will never forget that a week before April 15th, when she was inundated with tax deadlines, she still came to a 7:30 AM networking meeting with a smile and a "how can I help you" attitude. She is one of a kind, and lives each day to help everyone she can. I've learned a lot about business from Deb.

Marcia L., Bloomfield, CT

I highly recommend Priority Tax Services for your tax needs and advice with your financial paperwork. Priority Tax Services helped file my taxes this year. They are friendly, efficient and knowledgeable with tax rules and regulations. If you are in need of tax help, please use Priority Tax Services.

Lisa P., Hartford, CT

A few years ago, I decided to have Deb review my year-end tax documents as "a second look" before cutting yet another check to the IRS. It's a good thing I did! She found a few errors that added up to nearly $10,000 at my accountants office! I couldn't believe it. Her in depth knowledge saved my bottom line in a big way. Needless to say, she is now stuck with me. I have an appointment to see Deb in a few weeks. I highly recommend her to anyone.

Deborah W., Hartford, CT.

Deb and her crew saved my life a few months ago when I started with them and I cannot imagine moving forward without them as a part of my work day. I periodically sit down with them to get advice. They are a cheerleader and the rock that holds my foundation together. I can’t say enough positive things about Deb and her crew. I love love love them.

Dawn M.

Priority Bookkeeping is absolutely fantastic! I honestly don't know how they are able to sort all my statements and receipts so well. They are professional, timely, priced very fairly, and take on 100% of my personal bookkeeping and also the bookkeeping for my condo building that I manage. They are fantastic!

Julie C., Hartford, CT

To align yourself with Deb Prior and her team at Priority Bookkeeping is to know that you'll be treated with the highest level of respect and consideration one can get. It isn't easy to expose yourself in a way that shows a weakness. As a business owner, I know that my lack of bookkeeping savvy is managed by Deb and her team in a very positive and dignified way. Deb as a way of easing your anxieties about bookkeeping in a way that makes you feel you have a partner rather than a parent. Any small business looking for a help with their bookkeeping needs should look no further. She and her team understand that trust is precious and often hard to get from business owners. Her approach to earning your trust is transparent and steadily evolves. Today, I can't image anyone else handling my bookkeeping needs.

Kim B., Bloomfield, CT

A few years ago, I met Deb Prior through a mutual business contact. Since then, I have not looked back. It is difficult to find someone who takes the time to learn about you, how best to work with you and understands your idiosyncrasies. Deb’s firm, also modest in size, is well equipped to provide solid tax/bookkeeping services to any company who may inquire. Deb is a good listener, diplomatic, supportive and thoughtful. It is these qualities, and more, that make Deb Prior an ideal match for any business owner looking for such a person and firm. Deb Prior is a consistently strong tax preparer/bookkeeping whose goal is to not only meet and exceed the expectations of her clients, but to ensure that the client fully understand the "whys and hows" of her process. Any firm looking to make a change need not look any further. Any investment made in Deb Prior is money well spent.

Kimberly B.