Priority Tax Services Merger

CPA Consulting Services Merges with Priority Tax and Bookkeeping

Manchester firms join forces

Manchester business advisory and tax resolution firm CPA Consulting Services LLC announced early last week that it had merged with Priority Tax and Bookkeeping.

The two firms will retain the CPA Consulting Services name and brand. Currently, they operate out of two Manchester offices: CPA Consulting Services’ offices on Chapel Road and Priority Tax and Bookkeeping’s office on Main Street.

“CPA Consulting Services sees a lot of small businesses that have struggled to keep their financials in order,” said Gene Turley, CPA, founder of CPA Consulting Services. “By providing more complete services, we hope to relieve the stress levels of our clients and allow them to run their businesses and their lives without the worry of any financial consequences.”

CPA Consulting Services LLC is a tax, bookkeeping, business advisory and tax resolution firm based in Manchester, Connecticut that proudly provides personalized CPA services to individuals and businesses alike.

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“Saved me over $2,000.00!”

Jane O.

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What the IRS says about Offer in Compromise

“We will accept an Offer in Compromise when it is unlikely that we
can collect the full amount owed and the amount you offer reasonably
reflects the collection potential…”

–Internal Revenue Code section 7122

What Our Clients are Saying

“Saved me over $2,000.00!”

Jane O.


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Maybe you didn’t know that the IRS has an Offer in Compromise program that can be utilized by the tax payer when liability has been incorrectly assessed or when total liability is more than you can afford to pay.

When presented correctly to the IRS, this might mean your tax liability is entirely eliminated for as little as 5-15% of the total amount owed.

offer in compromiseOur experienced Tax Specialists can help you determine if you might qualify for an Offer in Compromise, or if a tax payment plan would be the better route for you to go.

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